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Pagoda Topped Hall Lantern


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This quality Pagoda topped lantern is a design that would have been appropriate for the 16th/17th century manor house had they had electricity. The six side panels are of pale green, cranberry and amber latticed windows, typical of the Elizabethan period but very unusual in that they are set in copper not lead. The brass body of the whole lantern has been finished to give an antique patinate look that is very appealing and low maintenance. The inner single light can be used alone from the outer ring of lights, which is great for making a flood of light when needed but on a single bulb otherwise. Estimated age is 1960's when a Tudor revival was fashionable but due to its fine quality manufacture it could be a little older. It is hard to convey its quality on a photo but having the benefit of close inspection it gets better every time I look at it. The condition is very good, working, but please get it tested.

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condition excellent
Height 78cm = 30 1/2 inches
Depth 47cm = 18 1/2 inches
Width 47cm = 18 1/2 inches
Reference Info A-284
Circa 1960
Materials Brass/Copper/Stained Glass
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