This area allows you to purchase goods that are unrestored or items that historically we have sold to our home and overseas trade buyers. A condition report will be given that allows you to assess an items potential. Not all items will be damaged, and for example, we are aware that some buyers may prefer to paint an item rather than strip and re-polish. There are many reasons why something could be in this section.

It is important to remember that we offer free mainland UK delivery on all items of stock. For those that can collect themselves or buyers that are looking to purchase on a regular basis, there could be a significant reduction in the final price. We are able to store items that would be collected or delivered at a later date. We would advise trade buyers to contact us for more details with regard to bulk purchases.

At present we have a 1960's Ercol sideboard that needs re-polishing. Very often it is todays fashion to paint the base and only re-polish the elm top. The painted version is also by far and away cheaper. Another item in stock is a lovely 18th century mahogany occassional table in great original condition but carrying a bad ink stain on the top. Some people would see it as perfectly acceptable wear and tear others would sacrifice the original patina and sand the ink stain out and re-polish.

This section offers you the choice of a project piece you might want to work on yourself, or other pieces that fit the shabby chic look you might have in mind for a room.