Happy Valentines 2016

A great gift for Valentines Day that doesn't end up in the bin or eaten can be antique goods.

There are many different themes of love throughout antiques, from heart designs often found in Arts & Crafts items, romance scenes in art, to pairs of his and hers chairs for the living room.


In other news January has been another busy month of buying so expect more to come onto the website over this next month when we have finished our restoration and cleaning of the haul.

I also went down to the Battersea Arts and Decorative fair again this January.

There are definitely some excellent pieces on show and it's always nice to keep up with the fashion and see what's selling.

With some antiques on show that you don't see anywhere else it's worth a visit if you are local to London, you will also spot the mark-up on items that dealers have to put on for being at fairs.

Fairs aren't cheap to present at and you get dealers from abroad that are willing to pay more, so depending on what you're after they aren't always the best places to buy.

There are unique antiques there that you can't buy anywhere else and it's worth going for those kinds of pieces and also for the amount of furniture you will see.

As I've gone round a few though there are definitely a few antiques filling in the spaces that could be found minus the mark-up online, so you maybe want to have a look before you part with your money.

Most websites like antiques-atlas, sellingantiques and our site can all be viewed on mobile making this incredibly easy.