Our antique beds now all include free divan bases!

When looking to buy an antique bed one can often end up with the task of finding the correct divan base to sit on the irons or slats at the same time.

This can put some off purchasing which is a shame as they really don't make beds like they used to(which probably why custom divan bases are harder to buy).

Fear not, rather than buy something that sort of fits but not properly, we have a custom divan base made for every bed we sell.

This takes out all the hassle of locating a company to make one(and know they will make it right) and we order them at a custom thickness so mattress you choose to go on top will be at the correct height on the bed.

Mattresses are still something we don't sell with our beds purely because everyone has their own preferance and one we pick may well be too hard or too soft for someone else.

Picking the mattress should be the easy part, all you'll need to do once we set up the bed in your house will be to put it on top.