Towering Above The Rest

It's been a busy month with a trip down to Evesham for a scale model of Blackpool!

It was certainly a heavy piece but luckily help was on hand to help move it onto our trailer.

The tower can now be found in our Curios section, take a look! With it's solid steel structure and intricate detail we were dying to know who had commissioned tower.

Alas, as is with many antiques, that story is lost to the ages.

We'll be adding even more items to the website once we've finished the restoration work including an antique torture rack and a ducking stool from a fairground.

We've really got some interesting items to see, so stay tuned for more antique goods and please don't hesitate to contact us if you see anything you like on our site!

All the best,


*Update* - Our Blackpool tower sold and has now gone back home to Blackpool