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Hardwood Budai / Hotei


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This heavy, hardwood, Budai/Hotei statue is a very well carved antique complete with cloth sack, prayer beads, oogi (fan) and a yuan bao(ancient Chinese money, now a symbol of wealth) by his side. With a high glossy finish to the lacquer this statue is in great shape with only a few minor scratches and a small shrinkage crack which is actually out of sight at the back. A fantastic focal-point to any room it's in this carving instantly draws attention due to it's size and character. The detail on his face is excellent and he has a great expression the artist has managed to capture.

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Knows as Budai or Pu-Tai in China (nicknamed the Laughing Buddha) and Hotei in Japan (one of Japan's seven lucky Gods) his name translates to "Cloth Sack" and comes from the large sack he is generally seen carrying. He is often depicted as a large, old man wearing a robe who is smiling or laughing, usually carrying or wearing prayer beads around his neck and also has Chinese fan called a oogi which is said to be "wish giving". He is the God of contentment and happiness whose virtue is magnanimity. He is poor and carries what few possessions he has in his sack, however this sack never empties and he uses it to feed the poor and needy. He frequently entertains and is followed by children who squeal in delight around his rotund shape. He is usually identified with or seen as an incarnation of Maitreya, the future Buddha, so much so that the Budai image is one of the main forms in which Maitreya is depicted in China. According to Chinese history, Budai was an eccentric Chán monk who lived in China during the Later Liang (907–923 AD). He was a native of Zhejiang, and his Buddhist name was Qieci literally "Promise this"). He was considered a man of good and loving character. In Japan, Hotei is also referred to as the patron saint of restaurateurs and bartenders. When one over eats and over drinks, one may sometimes jokingly attribute it to Hotei's influence.
period 1920s
Height 37cm = 14 1/2 inches
Depth 44cm = 17 1/4 inches
Width 100cm = 39 inches
Reference Info A-770
Circa 1920
Materials Hardwood
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